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The latest news • 2024-05-03

Meet our new project partner: Rebel Investissement


Future of Hospitality Institute is excited to announce that Rebel Investissement, pioneers in operating community focussed coliving in Quebec, will be joining our inspirational group of partners participating in phase two of the Future Living research project starting in June this year.

With a focus on redeveloping buildings by ‘changing their vocation’ through their brand Rebel, this sustainable approach contributes to their overall vision to create the highest ESG standards whilst meeting the growing demand for a more people centred housing solution.

“The future of serviced living lies ahead of us, and the Future of Hospitality Institute will be a key player in writing its next chapter. It's an honor for Rebel to join the Future Living project and help define and democratize this forward-looking solution today”, commented Laurence Moretti, CEO & Founder of Rebel Investissement.

“We are truly delighted to have Florence, Jean Charles Goyeche and the team at Rebel participate in the next phase of Future Living, our first partners from Canada. As owner operators in the coliving sector, one of the most exciting growth areas of real estate, their interest in being at the forefront of this hot trend makes them a fantastic addition to our partner group. But coliving is more than a trend, in redefining the living experience and consequently influencing other areas of serviced living it embodies the future. Having recognised this, Rebel are also focussed on meeting the demand in the fastest and most sustainable way through repurposing existing buildings, another trend we expect to see more of in the next few years. Future Living is a global focussed project and having a partner from a new jurisdiction will strengthen the outlook and work we can achieve.” Paul Rands, Future of Hospitality Institute.

If you are interested in joining trendsetters like Rebel Investissement and our diverse group of industry partners in the second phase, contact Paul Rands for more details.

Paul Rands
+44 207 516 2288

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