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The latest news • 2024-04-26

Meet our new project partner: Meindl Cavar Concepts


With great pleasure, Future of Hospitality Institute announces that Meindl Cavar Concepts, the Vienna based interior design studio, will be joining our fantastic group of partners participating in phase two of the Future Living research project starting in June this year.

With a ‘trendsetting’ portfolio of work ranging from office and commercial to gastronomy and hotel, their experience places them well to approach the continued blurring of the lines that is shaping the serviced living sector.

“I am taking part in the "Future Living" research project because it is important to me to actively shape the future of the hospitality industry and not just participate in it. I find the opportunity to help shape innovative concepts for "future living" and sustainable trends in the industry with other partners from around the world particularly exciting. This program offers the unique chance to be at the forefront of developments and develop solutions that will influence the way we live and recreate, especially in the fast-growing global serviced living sector. It is the perfect platform to turn visions into reality and redefine the hospitality industry for generations to come.” Explains Yvonne Meindl-Cavar, founder and managing director.

“We are excited to have Yvonne and her team participate in the next phase of Future Living. As interior architects experienced across various sectors and jurisdictions, with a focus on turning spaces into experiences they are embracing the trends which will define the future of the serviced living sector. No longer is a soleless box good enough for both the current and next generation of users. Having Meindl-Cavar Concepts participating in the next phase will further enrich the project group, adding to the variety of lenses through which we identify the trends and innovations for the future.” Paul Rands, Future of Hospitality Institute.

If you are interested in joining trendsetters like Meindl Cavar Concepts and our diverse group of industry partners in the second phase, contact Paul Rands for more details.

Paul Rands
+44 207 516 2288

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